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Op-Ed: A Fresh Perspective for Anne Arundel County


I was raised with a strong sense of independence, laced with the military values that encourage integrity and service to our communities. I’m running to be an independent voice for District 32 in the House of Delegates that can serve as effective leadership for our County and State as we build a stronger Maryland.

With nearly five-years service in Annapolis as chief legislative staff to State Delegates, and with involvement in many different grassroots-based organizations in our County, I am ready to serve as your independent voice in Annapolis on day one.

Mahatma Gandhi once said, “Be the change that you wish to see in the world.” Many are familiar with his words. I believe he is right, and they strike at something uniquely American that binds us all together. I’m running to be that change Anne Arundel County so urgently needs to meet the demands of a 21st century society. My record shows that I can and will win for our communities.

In college, I was given the honor of serving as student body President for two terms.

  • When the Student Government Association (SGA) was faced with the biggest budget crisis in decades, I cut our frivolous spending completely while working with campus leaders to create a solvent budget for at least the next twenty years.
  • When the violent MS-13 gang invaded Chestertown, Maryland, I led the charge, alongside Campus Public Safety, for new investments in infrastructure, training, and resources to keep our campus and town safe.

During my tenure in Annapolis, I brought leadership to the table on matters concerning sound public policy.

  • When county government refused to accept responsibility and accountability for the actions of their hired contractors during 2010’s “Snowmaggedon”, I coordinated Delegates, community leaders, and citizens to apply pressure on the county until the wrong was set right.
  • When citizens taken advantage of by big banks contacted our office desperate for mortgage relief, I guided our friends and neighbors through the mortgage modification process, affording them both financial security and the ability to remain in their home.
  • When parents were worried that their children with an autism spectrum disorder were not safe when out in public, I worked with law enforcement, firefighters, and medical professionals to get emergency first responders vital training and resources to adequately identify and address the situation.
  • When the Briarwood community redressed their government for the lack of reliable energy supply in their community, I unified support from fellow Delegates, the Senator, the County Councilwoman, and community leaders to obtain the necessary answers and plans for next-steps from BGE.

So when you or your family places the call for help, you deserve to know that you have the leadership in Annapolis that will answer the call and help you.

Leadership takes teamwork. And as your State Delegate, I will work with every community member and leader to forge sound public policy that moves Maryland forward. My career proves that I am capable of this. I am asking you, now, for your vote in the interest of our community’s advancement.

Because your call for help always deserves an answer.

The success of the residents of both District 32 and Maryland matters the most to me. I am running because I want a brighter, more solid future for both your family and my own.

I am running to make you proud in Annapolis. Thank you for being such an incredible part of our community. I sincerely hope to earn one of your three votes for State Delegate on June 24.

Spencer Dove

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