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Maryland State & District of Columbia AFL-CIO Endorses Dove


Dear Friend,

Exciting news! I am proud to be endorsed by the Maryland State and District of Columbia AFL-CIO. We both already know the service and commitment that the AFL-CIO has brought to the Free State and I am honored to be a part of that history.

As your Delegate, I will work with the AFL-CIO and small businesses to ensure that all Marylanders receive the rewards of their work—decent wages and benefits, safe jobs, and respect and fair treatment in the workplace. We will continue to fight to make the voices of working Marylanders heard in Annapolis.

In Annapolis, I will represent our community’s values and fight for the issues so important to all of us. That is why I am sharing with you my endorsement from the Maryland State and District of Columbia AFL-CIO and why I am passionately running to be your next Delegate from District 32.

Thank you for your continued support, it means a lot!


Spencer Dove  

P.S. Yard signs are available! If you would like one for your lawn send me a note at

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