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Amrish Vyas, Small Business Owner

 “I am regularly in Annapolis testifying on legislation that has an impact on our small businesses. Over the years, I’ve learned that Spencer Dove can be counted on as an ally who cares about our success and prosperity. Spencer is a pro-small business and pro-worker Democrat who is ready to do what is right to get our communities back to work.

-Amrish Vyas, Small Business Owner

Background: Amrish Vyas is no stranger to the legislative process in Annapolis. He and the business associates regularly visit legislators and committees in Annapolis to add a small business perspective to legislation introduced for consideration. Amrish and Spencer first met in 2012, when Amrish dropped by Delegate Joseline Peña-Melnyk's office to discuss a bill before the county delegation. Spencer was Delegate Peña-Melnyk's Chief of Staff. Amrish and Spencer forged a friendship quickly, and have a mutual professional respect for one another. Amrish and other small business owners in Anne Arundel County were never shy about contacting Delegate Peña-Melnyk and Spencer Dove to discuss matters most important to them, because they knew that both of them are pro-small business and pro-worker Democrats.

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